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Meet JoAnn

Dietitian Gone Florist

Vocationally, two pathways have always sparked my interest: dietetics and floral design. While they seem very different, at the core, both of these services are about helping people. I love helping individuals and families eat healthier and learn about nutrition. I also have a passion for
flowers and design. It brings me great joy to create something out of nothing. Helping couples and event planners design aesthetically pleasing events makes for a gratifying livelihood.

However, the best part of this career is the smiles I receive from clients when I’ve completed a project to their satisfaction. It’s the best feeling in the world!

I’m also zealous for coffee, good fiction, running, and my family. My husband, David, encourages me in this passion project and has helped me be successful in every way possible. Our two boys, Harvey and Wyatt are fun, energetic and full of life. They bring love to my life in ways I can’t describe. When I’m not busy with weddings or events, you’ll find me playing tag, cooking, gardening, hiking, and more than likely enjoying an old fashioned.

I mix modern and classic designs to make unique whimsical arrangements. If you’d like to work together contact us!
I hope you enjoy the experience and products from Red Truck Flowers as much as I love creating them.


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The name stems from our red 1985 Chevrolet Silverado that has been in the family all 30+ years of its life. Even before I married my husband in 2012, it was quite apparent I was also marrying “the red truck” and its beautiful legacy. The truck was purchased new in 1985 by my husband’s late grandfather, who sold it to my father-in-law in the 1990s, who eventually sold it to us in 2012. These two men remain two of the most impactful people in my husband’s life. Diligent, selfless and kind are three words I would use to describe the previous owners of this truck.


My hope is that you would experience a level of quality customer service and excellent work from Red Truck Flowers that honors and continues the legacy of this truck and the family behind it.

The Story of Red Truck Flowers